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Jan 31, 2011

Round Eight End Stats

Started with 56 Sims, added 8 Sims.  (Destiny Hsu was born to Phebe [Boggs/Romano] Hsu, Patrick & Julie in Owens (3) household, Everett Owens was born in Owens (4) household, Tanya, Monica & Reggie Pratt were born in Pratt (2) household,  & little DeeDee Turner was born in Turners (3) household.)

Some shifting in the households:  Lindsay Nichols divorced Marcus & moved in with Sheldon Tomyoy & Lance Tomyoy married Aaliyah Pratt.

Gracie moved out of the Owens household to start her own life in Owens (5).

Total Score:   80
64 Sims, 16 households, 3 aspiration failures, 2 social bunny visits.
Neighborhood $:  1,111,044  =11 points
2 households have held 3 generations (Banks & Romano/Hsu)
3 platinum graves
Top of Career=5 : Henry Banks, Seth Owens, Lindsay Owens (astronaut), Ashley (Banks) Tomyoy & Sheldon Tomyoy

Preston (Wealth, Dance) Deceased
Generation Two 
Henry Banks (Wealth, Criminal)
Margaret (Middleton) (Wealth, Athletic)
Generation Three
Preston - child

Edison (Pleasure, 50 Dream Dates) Deceased with 18 Dream Dates
JP (Knowledge, Max Skills)
Generation Two
Simon (Family, Raise 20 Pets)

Janene (Family, Marry 6 Children) Deceased
Marcus (Family, Education)
Generation Two
Lianna - teen (Romance, Culinary)
Quentin - child

Seth (Pleasure, Gamer) Deceased
Shanna (Bruenig) (Romance, Athletic)
Generation Two
Ian - (Knowledge, Architecture)

Salvatore (Family, 6 Grandchildren), Deceased
Isabella (Family, Raise 20 Pets), Deceased

Gina Marie (Wealth, Dance), Deceased
Generation Two
Phebe [Edison Boggs] (Romano) -  (Family, Marry 6 Kids)
Daniel Hsu (Family, Education)
Nina [Elmer Tomyoy] (Knowledge, Architecture)
Generation Three
Franklin Hsu - child
*Destiny Hsu - toddler

Maya (Nichols) (Pleasure, 50 Dream Dates)
Renaud Rossi (Popularity, Athletic)
Generation Two
Bryan - teen (Knowledge, Architecture)
Christopher -teen (Knowledge, Criminal)
Elise Rossi- child

Owens (2)
AJ (Wealth, Earn 100K)
Mary (Boggs) (Knowledge, Adventure)
Dave - teen (Popularity, Culinary)
Amelia - child

Owens (3) 
Carter (Knowledge, Journalism)
Lindsay (Macaravich) (Popularity, Athlete)
Generation Two
Hannah - teen (Popularity, Journalism)
*Patrick - baby
*Julie - baby

Naomi (Nichols) (Family, Raise 20 Pets)
Bruce Turner (Knowledge, Entertainment)
Generation Two
Michael Turner - teen (Popularity, Athletic)
JaNeeNee Turner - child

Ashley (Banks) (Romance, Culinary)  Deceased
Sheldon Tomyoy (Fortune, Earn 100k)
Lindsay (Maiden?) (Romance, 20 Lovers)
Generation Two
Lance (Family, Police)
Aaliyah (Romano) (Wealth, Earn 100K)
Stacy (Family, Golden Anniversary)

Owens (4)
Dexter (Family, Golden Anniversary)
Alessandra (Romano) (Education)
Generation Two
Kara -  child
*Everett - baby

Pratt (2)
Manuel - (Knowledge, Architecture)
Sheila (grocery delivery) - (Wealth, Law)
Generation Two
*Tanya - toddler
*Monica - toddler
*Reggie - baby

Tomyoy (2)
Elmer - (Popularity, 20 Best Friends)
Olivia (Romano) - (Romance, Athletic)
Generation Two
Caterina -teen (Romance, 20 Lovers)
Gage - toddler

Turner (2)
Lamar Turner - (Pleasure, 50 1st Dates)

Turner (3)
Taye Turner -  (Popularity, Journalism)
Carolina (Davison)- (Popularity, Police)
Generation Three
*DeeDee - toddler

*Owens (5)
Gracie - (Pleasure, 50 Dream Dates)

Turners (3) - Round Eight

Both Carolina & Taye loved to throw parties.

Carolina tried to jog every day. She was obsessed with being fit.

Taye's twin, Lamar, checks out the single ladies at the party.  Carolina is set on fixing him up and having him happily married.

Zeeshan had such a fun outing that he left a large potted palm.

The honeymoon isn't over yet!

But it will be soon!

Welcome baby DeeDee.  Taye, you could look a little less disgusted at the sight of your new baby girl...

Carolina finally starts her first job as a security guard.

And Taye begins teaching DeeDee all she needs to know.

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Turners (2) - Round Eight

Lamar couldn't wait to fall in love. The only problem was that he was picky. Extremely picky.  Oh- and he was also cheap. Extremely cheap.

Mary seemed bored by his conversation. 

Lamar cringed when he thought about how old she was.

And wasn't impressed with her age, either.

After another lacking match, Lamar was starting to think the matchmaker hated him.

"I told you, I want someone young," Lamar told her, very annoyed.

Finally, Lamar shelled out a little more money & then crossed his fingers for luck.

She was really nice, but he still didn't feel attracted to her. Besides, he wanted someone who had a better job...

She was really nice, but her clothes were a little weird.  They also didn't have anything to talk about.

Lamar & Willow had a pleasant date, but she wasn't very impressed with the fact that he had a job.

Lamar really liked this girl, but she wasn't in a very good mood and left shortly after the date began.
Starla was not impressed with Lamar, either.
17 1st Dates
Lamar was entranced with the beautiful black wolf that hung around his house. He left out a bowl of food and a dog toy in case Tiggy wanted to come back.
Lamar spent a lot of time reading on his bed when he wasn't dating.  He'd been sick earlier in the round & never seemed to get his comfort up.
Lamar skipped work to meet more eligible women. He thought maybe it would be better to date during the day.

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Tomyoy (2) - Round Eight

Elmer likes to throw lots of parties & then instigate water balloon fights.

"I don't care if Elmer invited you over! You're not welcome here! You should've  accepted our relationship when you had the chance!" Olivia yelled at Nina.  "Get out!"

Caterina makes a new friend, Amelia Owens [Owens (2)].

Gage begins the toddling phase. 

Caterina takes every chance to tease and taunt poor Gage.

Lindsay drops by to spread marital discord. She swoons after Elmer kisses her. (Note: Elmer then went upstairs to bed with his wife & Lindsay walked in on them & got mad. She now refuses to have anything to do with Elmer.)

Elmer tips delivery people extremely well.  He wants everyone to like him.

Olivia grows up.

And the pizza delivery lady stays for a birthday toast.  "To Olivia, your husband tips extremely well. Cheers!" Oh my - And I noticed that I didn't get a picture of Caterina aging up.  She's a romance Sim (DARN-IT!) and she wants 20 Lovers (GRRRR!!!)

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Jan 30, 2011

Pratt (2) - Round Eight

Sheila managed to start a fire making dinner because she was so exhausted.

Manuel threw the burned food away and made his guests some quick hamburgers.  He really wanted to convince his coworker that he was capable in order to get a good word in for a promotion...

Sheila had nightmares about that fire...

Sending her into premature labor...

Little Monica

and little Tanya.

And one big mess!

It's hard for Sheila taking care of twins and being pregnant. She can't wait to deliver so that she can start working. She hates being a stay at home mom.  So far life with Manuel hadn't been all she thought it would be. 

She delivers alone in her room one night.

Welcome little Reggie!

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Owens (4) - Round Eight

Kara loved showing off in front of new friends, like Preston Banks.
Dexter works on making more friends to get another promotion...
...And studies hard to show his boss that he knows his stuff.
While Kara works hard staying up with her homework & her piano lessons.

All her hard work pays off.  "Yes!" she cheers as she gets off the bus.

Dexter should've studied cooking some more...

Alessandra & Kara enjoy the omelettes though.
Alessandra worries that she got food poisoning from the burned omelettes, though.
Kara has fun playing with Elise Rossi & Quentin Nichols (I think that's Quentin anyways! Geesh!)

Alessandra works on befriending more colleagues.

It never hurts to have friends in your corner at work.

Alessandra finally realizes she's pregnant and excitedly tells Kara, "You're going to be a big sister soon."

Dexter comes home from work after a demotion due to a crappy choice at work.

Kara runs up and hugs him, "Did you hear! We're having a baby!"

Dexter runs in to see Alessandra, "Oh my God!" he cries in surprise when he sees her giving birth. 

Kara looks at baby Everett and wonders if she's going to like him...

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