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Jan 29, 2011

Banks - Round Eight

Margaret chatted with her coworker Lindsay. Maternity leave was driving Lindsay crazy! She was ready to reach the top of her career.  Margaret hoped to ride on Lindsay's coat-tails.
But that didn't mean that Margaret didn't work hard to reach her goal.

While Margaret worked out, Henry studied.  He was now an expert on fixing things!

Margaret practiced with her coworker Nina.  Nina was new to the field and wanted to pick up some tips from Margaret.

Henry couldn't decide if he wanted to go to the bathroom or feed little Preston. Soon, the choice was made for him...

Preston grows up!

Henry leaves in the dark of night.  Margaret doesn't know what he does for a living, just that his hours were weird & he made a lot of money.

Henry reached the top of his career...

...and decided that the life of crime wasn't for him anymore.  He had a young son to think about.  Instead, he felt a burning desire to succeed in dance.

Margaret's team doctor prescribed all natural herbs for her injury, but Nina gave her some pills instead. "They work great," Nina assured her.  Unfortunately, they were against regulations and Margaret was fired for using performance enhancing drugs.

Nina dropped off a plant to show her "sincere" apologies.

Preston is ready to go to school! Why oh why do my little boys seem to age up in pink jammies?
Preston loves playing on the computer. Margaret threatens to put a password on the computer so he doesn't play so much.

She actually manages to catch Preston one day before he gets on the computer for some quality time.

Preston is very studious and never lets his homework go unfinished.

Henry maxes his body skill.

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