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Jan 21, 2011

Banks - Round Five

"Turkey? Oh wow! You shouldn't have! I'm not hungry right now though, so I'll just put it in the fridge!"

Stacy loves to dance!

"I'm really glad you could come over, you're so sweet!"

Sheldon came home tired & exhausted from a long days work.  He could sure use a soak in the hot tub.  He heard giggles & splashing floating down from their balcony.  He should go join the party!

"What are you reading, son?" Sheldon asked.  "Oh nothing, dad, just this book on marital counseling I found."

Stacy becomes a child! Happy Birthday! Sorry about the no party thing!

Henry grumbles. "I'm starved, someone finished off the turkey & I have to do the grocery shopping!"  That was very nice of him to go get the groceries instead of calling the delivery service who would've rung the doorbell & woken everyone up...

"I hate you!" Henry yelled. "You never even notice the things I do around the house!"

"Did you see Mom & Henry get in that big fight today, Stacy?" Lance asked excitedly.  "Lance, it's not nice to gossip. They just had a disagreement. Worry about yourself...."

"You're right. That is an extremely nice closet..."

Happy Birthday Ashley!

Just another cute brother/sister moment.  Can you tell I love these shots?

"Oh Alan, I can tell you live dangerously. I like that about you," Ashley flirted.

"Mom, look! I got an A!" Stacy yelled as she ran upstairs.  "Oh. My. GAWD! Mom!"

Woo hoo! No school!

"I'm so cold Lance! I don't ever want to play snowballs again! Thank God the social worker didn't come take us away!"


"Hee.. hee.. hee.. I love scaring those little brats!"

BOO!  (Okay seriously Preston - it was funny the first time, but there was no reason to scare the kids 6 times! Your wife got married & had kids with another man - move ON!)

Despite his trauma from the prior night - Lance grows up! He rolls family and wants to be a policeman.

Distressed to hear that his children have been haunted so viciously by Ashley's deceased husband, Sheldon packs up their things and moves them out.  "Our children's safety is the most important thing, Ashley. It's just a house." 

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  1. Whoa, does this mean this happy family is breaking up? Or does Ashley get to move out with them? I'm with Stacy on this one; I too am totally amazed that the Social Worker hasn't taken these kids away from this horrible so-called mother.


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