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Jan 18, 2011

Banks - Round Four

Sheldon is convinced that Ashley is going to be faithful to him, and so far she has - pretty much...

Ashley tucks Lance into his crib & then realizes with a start that she is expecting again!

Pregnancy with a baby & a child is hard on Ashley.

Sheldon is a natural father. He loves to snuggle with Lance.

Ashley was miserable. She was hungry, stinky & extremely tired all the time!

Lance ate the spoiled sandwich and immediately came down with food poisoning.

Lance grabs his stomach and prays he doesn't hurl in front of his new friend Nina.

They are BFFs.

Lance turns into a cute little boy.

Sheldon's coworker is finally warming up to Ashley. He's been stand-offish since she flirted with him when they first met.

Henry often stays up late trying to think of ways to make his mom notice him. He thought she'd appreciate it if he cleaned the bathroom.

He was so tired the next day, she yelled at him for taking up all the couch.

Sheldon just explained she was cranky because she was cranky. Hopefully having the baby made her nicer.

Welcome to the world Stacy!

Henry ages up well & rolls the wealth aspiration. He decides he wants to be a criminal when he grows up.

God! I can't wait to get OUT of this house!

Sheldon turned out to be a pretty cool stepdad. He even helped Henry with his trig homework.

Don't touch me! I don't want any more babies!

Happy Birthday Stacy!

What a cute little girl!

Happy Birthday to Lance, as well!

Living with his mother makes Henry a little crazy sometimes.

Ashely primps and silently thinks "I've still got it" as she heads inside after work.

"God, watching you do homework is incredibly boring..."

"Aw come on guys! I stayed up late last night watching Stacy & you won't even let me sleep in! YOU change her diaper, Mom!"

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  1. Oh yes, I'm totally loving Ashley, the mother from Hell! LOL


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