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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Jan 26, 2011

Banks - Round Seven

Henry called Margaret up & invited her out to the park for a scenic backdrop.  Dropping to one knee, he proposed.

Margaret accepted & they married right there on the bridge.

Henry was so relieved.

Their lives intertwined effortlessly.  They entertain friends...
...threw neighborhood block parties...

...and work on skilling... they can get those oh-so-important promotions.  (Margaret is a fortune sim, as well. Her LTW is to be top of athletic.)

One day after coming home, Margaret felt sick to her stomach. She was worried she was coming down with something...

It caught her off guard some time later when she realized she was actually pregnant!

Henry was concerned.  He didn't know if he had what it took to be a good father. Ashley had been a horrible mother.  Not abusive... just not present...  And his father had died when he was just a toddler...

There's no stopping the clock, though & soon little Preston was born, in honor of his granddaddy. 

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