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Jan 24, 2011

Banks - Round Six

"Stacy, I know you & Ashley don't get a long. You just need to tough it out a little longer. Don't do anything rash."  Henry knew it would be tough on Lance & Ashley now that he didn't see them as much. He wondered who would help them with their homework.

The house seemed empty, but he'd started to make the place his own.  After having a new bed & linens delivered, Henry changed his old room into an office/weight room.

"Hey, my parents moved out - party at my house!"

Henry threw a party & invited all his friends over.  He was so happy that Phebe came.  Even happier that he got a dance.

He watched her go upstairs and wondered if he should follow her up and make use of his new bed.

But, he noticed Olivia glare at him as he started upstairs. Instead, he struck up a conversation with Carolina. Man that chick was annoying!

I just liked this picture of Lance dancing.

As he was making his way through the crowd to the bedroom, he ran into Margaret.  She captivated him.

He invited her to stay after the party & she agreed.

He felt as though they were made for each other.

Henry managed to get into private school for the remainder of his senior year.  He made sure to stay up on his homework.

All his hard work paid off.  He reached the top of his career & had A+ on graduation. 

Life was definitely looking up for him since he got Ashley out of his hair!

That night, he brought a friend home.  "Let's get inside quick before a neighbor calls..."
Alon, his coworker, had so much fun on their outing that he left Henry a tv set that he'd gotten with a 5-finger discount.

Henry invited Margaret over to celebrate his good luck.

He'd never been so attracted to someone before...

...and one thing led to another.

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