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Jan 17, 2011

Banks - Round Two

"You are hot!" Seth told her.  "I know," Ashley preened.

Oh no, Ashely thought as she mentally counted back the days to her period. 

There are so many cuties in the neighborhood!

I am so ready to have this baby already.

Although it didn't cramp Ashley's style at all.

"You have a special delivery for me? You are naughty, Mr. Postman!"
Wait! I take it back! I don't want a baby!

"He's got my nose! Let's name him Henry after my father."

"If you're cold, I can think of a way to warm you up."

She meant the jacuzzi Romeo, the jaccuzzi.

Preston woke up as the partiers were taking their leave and joined Ashley in the jacuzzi for a late night dip.

He was deliriously happy, a beautiful son to carry on his name and a beautiful wife.  He wanted more kids.

"Ooooh... look at that muscle... can I touch it?"

"Hurry, come in here before someone sees you," Ashley beaconed.

Preston was so in love with his little boy.  It felt amazing to hold him in his arms and snuggle.

"You said you liked undies, so what do you think? Hot, huh?"

Happy Birthday Henry!

Preston was worried about Ashley.  Ever since she got pregnant, her flirtations became outrageous. He wasn't even sure if they were just flirtations anymore.  She was always sneaking around now. He was going to put his foot down.

Preston never had a chance to have that talk with Ashley. He passed away while Ashley was at work, leaving little Henry all alone & ripe pickings for the social worker.

Ashley got the call that Preston had passed away while she was at work & said she'd be home in 30 minutes. Henry was just a baby, what trouble could he get into anyways?
When Ashley got home, she found Henry passed out on the floor next to Preston's urn.  She tucked him into bed, perhaps the single maternal thing she'd ever done.
"Now what am I going to do?" she wailed.

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