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Jan 29, 2011

Boggs - Round Eight

Simon got bored during his party & looks for shooting stars.

Wait! What's going on?

"Not again!" Mary cried!

Lance was startled by the ghostly Edison.

At first Simon had thought that he might have a family waiting in space for him with open arms.

But he was just an experiment to them.  He was still all alone.

Until he met Catalina.  Things started to look up for him.

"How many times do I have to tell you to not use that dumb telescope Dad bought. Donate it! Don't use it! I don't want you to get abducted again!" Mary yelled.  "Do you mind, you're interrupting my date here..." Simon whined.

Mary's freak-out didn't seem to bother Catalina at all.

It felt nice to be held.





Two wolves get in a fight in Simon's front yard.

Sparky & Roxy are persuaded to enter the dog house.

Simon throws a birthday bash with all his friends.
Later that night...

The telescope (and it's manuals)!  "They're gone!" Simon wailed. He felt as though a piece of him were missing!

Spark & Roxie had Itsy (the only male), Bitsy, Teenie & Weenie.  Simon thought they might like some company, so he also adopted Ping & Pong.

Simon's friend Marcus Nichols came home from work with him.  They worked on lesson plans.

Amazingly, the thief came back. She tried to apologize...

But Simon was still furious.

Marcus knew how much Simon loved animals, so he dropped off a fish tank for some fun.  A note Marcus left on it read, "Good thing you don't have cats!"

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