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Prosperity Peeps

Jan 21, 2011

Boggs - Round Five

Bottleneck at the door. It looks like everyone is saluting each other. Must... fix... porch!

Mary becomes an adult.  Hooray!  She calls up AJ to ask him on a date, but he's not there.  In fact, of the multiple times I... er... SHE... tried to call him, he didn't answer one time!  Are you trying to tell us something AJ?

Simon grows up while no one is looking.  JP & Mary spent the better part of their day at work or with their noses in a book.  JP had developed an obsession with learning everything he possibly could.  Simon wondered when he would retire so he could spend more time with him...

Simon loved looking through the telescope.  "So where do the alien live?"

JP becomes an elder.  He is so disappointed in himself. He was no closer to finding Mary & had so much more to learn about how the world worked...  Maybe he should retire so that he could research more...

"And then my brother POKED my mom in the CHEST! Can you believe it? She deserves it!"

JP's second novel "Aliens Among Us" was selling off the bookshelves!

"I remember you cutie! How I always wished growing up that you could be my pet.  Do you want to be my puppy Heidi?"

"No, no! Bad dog! That is the third time in a row you got into the trash! Bad!"

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