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Jan 18, 2011

Boggs - Round Four

"Oh well this is awkward... ummm... nooooo... Edison isn't home right now..."
"I'm coming Emily!"

"Oh my gosh Dad! You were abducted by aliens! Good job!"

"I must've eaten something bad..."

"Well if I'd have known there were such beautiful ladies on the other side, I would've come much sooner!"
Ode to Edison.  18 Dream Dates for a CAS sim! Rest in Peace!

"I can't believe he's gone..."

"Hello, Headmaster, I'd like into Ms. Crumplebottom's Academy.  Let me show you around."

"Maybe if I served a better meal he'll be more impressed..."

Oh crap.

"What am I going to do? This doesn't make sense!"

"No, you'll never believe what happened Chris..."

"So I was looking in the Simplex Atmosphere, I'll start in the upper quadrant this time..."

I'm a man! I shouldn't have to feel this way!

Welcome to Pleasantview Simon!  I'm not a big fan of aliens, but what a cutie!

JP maximizes his logic skill.

Simon grows up while JP was busy researching.

As JP puts Simon to bed, he thinks about all the things he missed with Mary & resolves to be a better Dad this time around.  Especially since Simon would likely have problems fitting in...

"Sleep tight, little one," JP said as he tucked Simon in.

Waking up early & refreshed, JP begins to write a book that will change his life.

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