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Jan 17, 2011

Boggs- Round One

Edison (Pleasure, 50 Dream Dates), JP (Knowledge, Max Skills), & Mary

Edison moved in with son, JP, after his wife mysteriously disappeared.  JP swore it was aliens and spent all his free time researching and looking through the telescope.  Edison was enjoying socializing with anyone outside of a nursing home though. 
There were a lot of friendly neighbors.

And Edison had a way with women.

Sparing no expense, Edison took Gina Marie to the Pleasantview Plaza where there was a small, romantic Chinese bistro.  He shook his head when she ordered a salad.  Young women these days were always counting calories...

The next day, Gina Marie's mother came over with a plate of spaghetti for them. "Eat, eat!" she said then bluntly asked what his intentions were towards her daughter.

Edison had no intentions other than enjoying the dating scene.  Poor Mary.  With a grandfather who was interested in serial dating & a father who was interested in searching the galaxy for his lost wife, Mary didn't receive a lot of attention.

But every now & then, JP seemed to rouse from his driven pursuit & remember that he had a little girl.

But most days, you would find a mess on the floor & JP studying or researching.
One afternoon while JP slept because he'd stayed up late the night before searching with the telescope, a pretty little blonde came to visit.  Edison distracted her.  "Charmed to meet you," she cooed as Edison kissed her hand.

It wasn't long before Edison swept her off her feet.

Poor Mary cried all afternoon, begging to be let out of the crib. Her diaper was dirty, she was hungry & so sad.

JP didn't know what it was about his dad, but women were drawn to him.
It seemed like Edison could just meet a woman...
...And she was instantly taken with him.

Edison  just laughed and said that women loved a widow & suggested that JP could use some down time, as well.

It must work, JP thought grumpily, because sometimes it seemed that the women even fought over Edison's affections.
Edison & JP were so caught up in their own interests that they didn't notice that Mary had grown up to a child without any fanfare.

And wasted no time finding someone who would actually pay attention to her for a change!

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  1. Mary turned out cute! And is that Ashley I see???? For shame, for shame! ;-)


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