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Jan 26, 2011

Boggs - Round Seven

JP had read somewhere about the ancient art of yoga helping increase life expectancy, so he tried it out.

Simon didn't quite know what to think about Gracie. He didn't know if she truly enjoyed hanging out with him, or just wanted a Dream Date.

He took her outside to show her his puppies. She screamed bloody murder and then went home.  "They're just puppies!" he'd called after her.

The next morning he met Aaliyah Pratt. Wow! He was stunned speechless!

They really hit it off. He'd just leaned forward to flirt when Gracie came flying through the yard, hell bent on causing damage to his person.


"Gracie, I'm so sorry...  I still like you as a friend... Aaliyah & I just have more common interests..."

Aaliyah pretends to be busy and she listens to their conversation.

In the end, Simon lets Gracie down easy & asks Aaliyah to go steady with him. (Aw, does anyone else's heart break at the look on Gracie's face?!)

They only have eyes for each other.

JP knows that his time is almost at an end and tries to stock up the refrigerator with healthy meals for Simon to eat once he's gone.
Maggie grows up.
Benji grows up. Wow! Didn't see that mug coming...

What else are two kenneled dogs to do?

Gracie is still not over her heartbreak...

"Who's the man?" Simon flexes his muscles and checks himself out. "I'm the man!"

Excited about his puppies growing up, Simon adopts two more puppies - he named the cute little black puppy Roxie & the little white puppy Sparky.

JP was practicing charisma in the mirror when he felt it was time to go.  (Darn it! I only needed two charisma, body & cleaning to max him! So close!)

Simon kept Sparky & Roxie separate from Maggie & Benji since they were just little puppies.

Soon he had more puppies though since Maggie delivered Growler & Pipsy!  What was he going to do with all these puppies?!

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