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Jan 24, 2011

Boggs - Round Six

JP was hurt deeply when he went to give Simon a hello hug and was waved off.  Mary had never seemed to mind his long intellectual absences, but Simon was always so standoffish and sullen.

JP asked Simon to come with him to the park. It wasn't until he got there that he noticed Simon was not there.  He did run into Ashley, though.

They caught up with what was going on in each other's lives & JP was glad he had never married her. 

He pitied poor Sheldon, who seemed smitten with her despite her wandering ways.

Simon loved looking through the telescope & dreaming about where he came from.

He generally put off his homework since there was never anyone to make him do it.  But, he would sit down and do it every other day or so.  He didn't want the teacher mad at him.

He also got used to the long silences.  JP was generally studying or working on various intellectual pursuits.

Simon came home & showed JP his report card excitedly.  JP cheered & it made Simon feel great. Maybe he'd start bringing home more good grades! That seemed a great way to get JP's attention!

Simon grew up to be a studly teenager.  He rolled family with the want to raise 20 kittens/puppies.

"Hi Gracie! Yeah, I was wondering if you wanted to come over & work on history together..."

JP worries that he's not spending enough time with Simon.

He might've had a small breakdown.

Thankfully Ashley came over to talk.  After all these years, she was still hot!

"Ashley, I'm sorry... I really did just want to go over history..." Simon said as Gracie tried to hug him romantically.

JP seems to be having problems adjusting to his new retirement. He spends way too much studying & not enough time taking care of his body.

He decides to have some downtime painting.

Gracie stops by again and flirts with Simon.

He takes a deep breath and goes for his first kiss.

Meet Benji & Maggie, Simon's new puppies.  Simon set up a kennel in the backyard with an experiment in mind.  Hey, he was the son of a researcher...

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