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Prosperity Peeps

Jan 18, 2011

Boggs - Round Three

Mary grows up to be a beautiful, smart young lady.  She rolled for fortune & has dreams of being an adventurer & seeing the world in person, rather than just through a book.

JP & Mary have more in common now that she loves to talk about science with him.

They sit in companionable silence as he begins star searching & she starts her homework.

She has the biggest crush on their newspaper boy.  She thinks he likes her, too.
"JP! I'm married now! Now quit calling me!" Ashley threatened as she poked him in the chest.

"I thought we had something special"

"Do you like science as much as I do?!"

"Um, Dad, you know, I looked at the data you had in the journal & I think that you'd have better luck searching the Simtastic Galaxy instead."

Special delivery for Edison.

"Oh, thank you! I got these barrettes when I was just a baby. Dad said that Mom gave them to me."

Edison is still going strong, despite his old age. He'd really like to have 25 dream dates before he dies.

"You've been working too hard. Here, let me rub your back."  Mary had seen all the moves from her Grandpa, so she knew what he was up to. 

14 dream dates for Edison. Not too shabby for a geriatric Romeo.

"But, I thought Dad invited you over?"  "Oh he did, but I find you so much more interesting!" she said as she kissed his hand.

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