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Jan 17, 2011

Boggs - Round Two

JP tried to find time in his busy schedule to talk to Mary.

But, he had to know what happened to his wife.  He scoured the internet looking for the vaguest of references.

When he found out that Preston Banks had passed away, he invited Ashley over to comfort her.  "Maybe now we can be together," he told her.  "Oh... ummm... I'm just not ready for that yet..." she stalled.

After JP went to work, Ashley hunted down Edison in his room. 

Edison stopped playing catch with Ashley when a beautiful red-head walked by.

"Ooops, did I do that?" Ashley asked as she made eyes at Seth Owens across the room.
JP sometimes felt guilty that he didn't spend as much time with Mary.  He tried to make up for it whenever he remembered.

That meant most of the chores fell to Mary. She ordered groceries as JP poured through a science book.

It didn't seem to matter what she did, she felt like she was always ignored.
As soon as she was old enough, she started looking through the telescope, too.  Maybe she could find her mom & then they would be a family again.
JP didn't understand how Dad got so many women.
It wasn't uncommon for one or two ladies to come by after Mary was asleep to see if Edison was available.
Edison just laughed & said there was something about a widow that women loved.
Dad had tried telling him he should spend less time staring through the telescope & more time talking to the ladies.  "Emily isn't coming back," Edison had told him.  "It's time to move on.  And shower once in awhile!"
Edison tucked Mary in and stroked her hair back from her face.  "I sure hope your mama is watching over you from up above."
Edison came home from an exhausting day at work. Mary came running up to hug him.  He couldn't believe she would be a teenager soon.  She probably wouldn't want to hug him anymore.
As JP went inside to start dinner, Mary greeted a cute little dog that was passing by.  "Who's your owner, puppy?" she asked the beagle.  Mary wanted a dog more than anything, he would be her very best friend.

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