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Jan 29, 2011

Nichols - Round Eight

Marcus hosts an educational seminar at his house & invites all his coworkers.

"I'm so proud of you Marcus, you've become a fine young man." Naomi told her son.

"Way to go Lianna! I knew you could do it!" Marcus cheered.
To celebrate her A+ report card, Marcus took Lianna out for a Daddy/Daughter date.
Then after lunch, they went to the park where she met a nice boy, Keith.
Lindsay invites her coworker home & attempts to befriend him.  Maybe he could pull some strings for her...   It wasn't a successful outing though. He was not impressed with Lindsay at all.
Lianna loves playing with her little brother...

and teaching him nursery rhymes.

Marcus feels like he's on top of the world.

The family celebrates Quentin's birthday together.

Quentin grows up well.

His party is such a success that numerous guests crash at the Nichols overnight.
In Quentin's bed, no less.
So Quentin camped out on the couch...
...until Lianna came in the next morning and turned the tv on.

Lindsay greeted the handsome stranger as he walked by.

Lianna becomes a teen (Romance - Culinary).  Lindsay was so anxious to meet the pizza delivery man that she actually ran through the door.  That'll hurt in the morning, thought the pizza man.

Lianna threw a fit when she saw her mom flirting with Sheldon.  Lindsay just looked at her & reminded her that it would be awfully hard to have fun living at a convent...
 Lindsay calls her friend to complain about her mom.

Marcus becomes an elder!

Lindsay woos a new man.
Lindsay struts her stuff as she walks over to smooch Sheldon one night.  Those hips were swaying.  She's a man-eater!

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