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Jan 21, 2011

Nichols - Round Five

Cat-Ra ages up.

"You're so much fun to hang out with! We should do it more often!"

"Look, I've grown up in the past few years & things just aren't the same anymore."

Marcus tries to move on. He invites one of his fellow teachers over and has a few laughs.

But he mostly keeps to himself and he realizes that it's lonely in this house without anyone.

"I know you think we've grown apart, but I still love you & I think deep down, you still love me, too.  Give me a chance, I'll make your dreams come true."

Marcus proposes to Lindsay at the Pleasantview Plaza in front of the water fountain.

Marcus invited a few friends & family over for the wedding.

"I can't believe my little boy is getting married! He's all grown up now!"

Off they run to catch their honeymoon limo.  Lindsay joined the family as a romance Sim who wants to have 20 simultaneous lovers. (Why did I ever wish for a little more drama with my families?)

"I can't believe he married that no good, lying cheat.  I knew back when they were in high school that she was no good for him!"  (Really I just made a tactical error by deleting the bed she slept in. Dang it!)

"You'd better think twice before cheating!"


"Did you hear that honey? It sounded like someone was in the house!" Lindsay cried as she bolted upright.

"I'll KILL you!"

"I don't know Timothy. It was like something evil was stalking me all night long. I was so scared..."

"Hold me!"

"Oh God, don't look now, it's my in-laws.  Oh, yeah.. I'm married... Why? Do you have something against that?"

"I'm glad you could come over Christopher. It's nice to have some company when I play chess out here."

"Thanks for the pizza. Here's my tip," Lindsay said as she slipped a piece of paper in his hand. "Call me sometime..."

"Quick Timothy! Marcus is outside! You've got to go home! Go out the back!"

"Hey sweetie, how was your day at work?"

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