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Jan 22, 2011

Romanos - Round Five

"Take that Lamar for not wanting to go on a date with me!"

"Excuse me sir... would you like to come in and get warm? You look a little cold.."

Happy Birthday Alessandra!

"Life is pretty darn good. Now I just need a job as a teacher & I'll be set!"

"I came over to see Nina.. but wow! You look good!"

"Daddy! You came to see me!"

"And then can you believe she actually wet the bed? She's so silly..." Olivia giggled as she gossiped with Elmer about Nina.

Phebe used her inheritance money to buy a sound system.  She couldn't wait to make a band!

"Oh god! Just shut up! I just wanted my paper, not to hear you yack..."

"Oh hi Dexter! It's so nice to see you again! Do you remember me?"

Suffice it to say he remembered her.

I just thought this was funny.  "Call me!" even though she is CLEARLY busy with another man.

I love a woman with makeup caked on.

Nothing like a little dirty dancing to warm you up!

My face is up here. Quit gawking.

Elmer comes over to visit Olivia... I mean... Nina.  He's a good dad! He's visiting his daughter! Really!

Phebe & Henry Banks have amazing chemistry & instantly hit it off.

Nina becomes a shy teen.  "Turn around sweetie & let us see how you grew up!"

Nina strikes up a conversation with Taye. He's so easy to talk to, unlike his brother who refuses to date anyone even though he wants 50 1st dates.  So uncooperative!

There she is! Birthday girl!  She rolled knowledge & wants to be a city planner.

"Come on Nina! You need to lighten up! Have some fun!" Alessandra said as she danced around the room.  "No thank you, I'm studying."

"Hello Mr. Headmaster. I've prepared a lovely spaghetti dinner for you."

Nina finishes studying physiology & is just in time to hear the headmaster informing Alessandra that he would not consider Nina for Ms. Crumplebottom's Academy.

"Yay! No school today! I can party" Phebe celebrated.  "Yes! And I can study some more!" Nina cheered.

"What are YOU looking at?" Nina groused after turning Lamar down for a hug.  (Really Lamar, at all the women I've thrown at you, you're going to autonomously go for Nina who you have no relationship with? Great job Casanova!)

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