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Jan 19, 2011

Nichols - Round Four

"I hope it's a little girl, Bruce. That way I can decorate the room pink..."

"I got an A+!"

Bruce ran to catch his ride to work. He didn't want to be late on his big promotion day!

"You'd think after so many times, this would get easier!"

Beautiful little boy Michael!

Goodbye Janene!

To console the kids (& since everyone had a want for a kitten), Bruce adopted a cute little gray kitten Lamar named He-Man.  That's what you get for letting a 9 year old name the pet.

Taye plays chess with his friend Lance Banks.

Naomi He-Man a little playmate - She-Ra!

Lamar loves the little kittens. They are so darn cute!  But the house is starting to get cramped!

Michael! You grew up so fast!

Marcus reaches teen top of the career! Celebrate!

"So that's where you went! I was looking all over for you to put you to bed, Michael!"

He-Man grows up.

Marcus grows up great.  His girlfriend grows up with him.

Michael loves playing with the kitties.  Meet the new gray kitten the boys named Cat-Ra.  Cat-Ra doesn't look very happy right now.

Bruce, Marcus & the boys have a quiet dinner together.  Bruce wonders when his wife will start doing the dishes again.

Lamar becomes a teen. He rolls the pleasure aspiration & his want is to have 50 1st dates.

Taye grew up well & rolled popularity.  His want is to reach top of journalism.  Maybe he should be friends with Carter Owens!

She-Ra grows up. She looks a little funky to me.  Hopefully He-Man likes her because I'm about to try to help Naomi become a crazy cat lady reach her lifetime want.

Bruce & Naomi decided that they would let Marcus have the house since Bruce had never really felt comfortable living in the same house that Naomi's ex had lived.  And now was as good a time as any to start fresh! (Nobody pay attention to the fact that the picture is actually Manuel Pratt moving out with Maya Nichols from a few rounds back. I completely spaced & forget to get a pic of the Turners loading up!)

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  1. Naming that tiny kitten He-Man cracked me up. Awesome. This family has some of the tougher LTWs...raising 20 pets, which I'm willing to do, and 50 first dates, which I am not. Good luck to you on these!

  2. He-Man is actually the name you get when you ask your 5 year old what you should name the pet. She originally chose She-Ra, but I explained the kitty was a boy... thus He-Man was dubbed.


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