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Jan 26, 2011

Nichols - Round Seven

Marcus asked Lindsay to call a repairman since his computer broke early that morning.

When he came home, Marcus was upset to see Lindsay talking with yet another guy he'd never seen before.  He knew were talking led!

"I'm putting my foot down Lindsay! You need to get a job!" he demanded.  "What are you trying to say, Marcus?"  Lindsay asked as she crossed her arms.  "You're entertaining too many men at home instead of overseeing the household!  Either get a job or get out!"
So Lindsay got an entry position at a restaurant & talked long into the night with Marcus on how to fix their marriage.

Lindsay had broken down crying and said that he just wasn't fulfilling her needs. She liked it a little adventurous, she'd said.  Marcus was embarrassed, but resolved to try a few new things.  "Do you like that?" he asked hesitantly right before she pulled him into the closet.

Lianna was growing up fast. It made Lindsay glad that she hadn't left when things got rough.  Although, the only thing worse than Marcus not fulfilling her needs was Marcus attempting to fulfill her needs poorly.

She couldn't help the men that kept dropping by & leaving gifts at her door, though. She hoped Marcus stayed oblivious...

Soon, Lindsay started feeling queasy again.

Marcus, frustrated at his inability to satisfy his wife, began playing on the computer more and more...

And soon the only thing that had changed was that Lindsay had a job, so Marcus believed she was preoccupied...

Marcus was a wonderful daddy. He loved spending time with Lianna and teaching her everything she needed to know.

Lindsay was surprised to find Knut at a party she hosted one afternoon.  "I know a friend of a friend..." he'd replied cryptically.  She was about to ask him who he knew when she was distracted...

"You can do what you like with your wife in YOUR house - but keep it out of MY house..." Lindsay had yelled at Henry after slapping him.  "Come on Margaret, let's go... she's just a bitter, old, ex," Henry said as he led his new wife out the door.  (What? Did I not LOOK at the invite list? Geez...)

Marcus was demoted because he made the mistake of announcing that he was pro-control in the big weather debate. Personal beliefs OUTSIDE the classroom, Marcus!
Lianna was ignored all afternoon...

...but grew up knowing where she stood in the house...

Her new baby brother didn't fare much better.  Welcome Quentin Nichols!

Shhh... Daddy loves you... Daddy loves you... Marcus said as he rocked baby Quentin.

"You just LEFT Quentin on the FLOOR for a phone call?!" Marcus yelled. "Are you crazy?"

A few minutes later Shane tapped on her window & she felt much better after letting him in.

Of course Marcus was on the computer again...

The next afternoon, Marcus was enjoying a sandwhich when Lianna ran in the door yelling about her A+.  "Where's Mom so I can show her?!" she asked.

Mommy's got her hands full at the moment...

Lianna wept bitterly when she found her mom kissing the repairman.

She ran to her Daddy and sobbed in his chest.  "Slow down Lianna, what's wrong?" he'd said. Concerned about her abrupt change in mood.  All poor little Lianna could get out through her tears was "Mommy.... *hiccup* mommy.... "

Marcus looked at Lindsay, perplexed, "What's going on Linds? What happened?"  "Nothing, I'll talk to her," Lindsay said.

"You didn't see anything," Lindsay warned. "And if you say you did, I'll send you away!"  Lianna just glared at her mother & then ran to her room, slammed the door and cried into her pillow.

Lindsay watched her go, then went into the bathroom to primp...

...then invited the repairman to come & get his tip...

Shane dropped by a gift for a wonderful date the prior night.

And the truck didn't budge all night.

Marcus woke up and went straight to the computer. (Come on Marcus, you're filthy & no shower?! I say he knew the repairman was in the room with Lindsay & was avoiding it so he didn't have to face facts!)

Innocent Quentin grew up, oblivious to all the drama...

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