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Jan 24, 2011

Nichols - Round Six

Marcus came home and celebrated his promotion.  He went straight to his office to post on facebook.  If he had gone straight to his bedroom, he would've found Lindsay with another man hurriedly getting dressed.  It would've been written all over their faces what they had been doing.

"Hey sweetie, what's wrong?" Lindsay asked when she found him at his computer.  "You should be happy! You just got a promotion!"

Marcus explained that he really wanted a baby.  "Let's make one tonight, baby," he pleaded. "I'd love to..." Lindsay cooed.  He didn't need to know that she was on birth control...

Late that night, someone came creeping up the walk.

"My TV!" Marcus cried.  "I just got it!"

Lindsay was intrigued. All the next day she thought about the robber & was strangely thrilled.

She got so excited, she called Marcus to come to bed with her.

A mutual friend, Todd Fairchild, stopped by to chat with Lindsay over lunch.

Another friend, Ian, stopped by that evening and stayed well into the night.

Lindsay was a little unnerved when she received a call from the thief, Knut late that night.  "I've seen the way you look at other men, I thought you might be interested in a ride on the wild side," he teased.

Lindsay was even more shocked when she turned around and saw Knut standing in her front hall. "I can even make it easy for you," he said.  (Just FYI, it was REALLY weird because he called her, then showed up at her house, heart farted over her, walked into the bedroom, announced it was late & he ought to be going, then left.)

Lindsay was so confused and felt guilty about her attraction to him. (Seriously people, 3 bolts with him...)

"Oh God, please don't let me be pregnant." Lindsay moaned the next morning.

She invited some male company over the next day and tried to pique their interest.  She & Aren (on the right) kept talking about woohoo.  She knew he was hooked.  Todd (middle) was playing hard to get - but she couldn't help but wonder if he knew who Knut was & how to get a hold of him.

Komei stopped over & Lindsay flirted with him while Aren played cards.  For the millionth time, she wondered why she even bothered getting married - there were so many good men out there.  Although, it was nice staying home & entertaining all day long. 

Marcus came home, exhausted from working all day.  She was seriously getting tired of his complaints.  How hard was it to be a teacher anyways, please!  You just give the kids some scissors.  She wondered again why she'd married.

That night after Marcus went to sleep, she called up the gypsy.  She'd heard that she could find someone a true love. Not that she was interested in love... She was just interested in someone she could be passionate with...

He would fit the bill nicely!

Lindsay kissed him, not knowing that Marcus was only a room away playing on the computer again.

The next day, Marcus brought a colleague home from work.  Lindsay told him how nice his mustache looked.  She'd always been a sucker for long hair.  "I'm sorry, you're Marcus' wife. I just don't feel right about this..." he'd stammered.

"Look! All I was doing was complimenting your stupid 'stache!" Lindsay had snipped.  "I wasn't hitting on you!"  Lindsay turned around and stormed away.

Thank God Aren was able to come over & calm her down.

Apparently she was overdoing it.  She'd passed out in the bedroom & Aren had just fretted and then run out of the house, leaving her there. Damn coward!

The next day Lindsay felt the labor pains starting.

And soon had a beautiful little girl she named Lianna.

Marcus was out one night hiking and ran into a nice lady named Ratna.  They talked about their love of nature and literature.  She was so easy to talk to, he stayed outside for nearly an hour talking to her.

"God, I don't know why I got married anyways," Lindsay complained to Aren, who was listening sympathetically.

Marcus came home with another promotion. He couldn't wait to tell Lindsay.

But Lindsay had thrown another party. Marcus was starting to notice a theme - men.  And he saw the way they all looked at her.

"You must be very secure in your masculinity to wear a skirt like that," she told Henry Banks. Henry just swooned and stammered that it was a kilt.

Outside, Abijeet left a grill in honor of their romantic date.

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