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Jan 18, 2011

Nichols - Round Three

Bruce works on befriending his coworker.

Marcus likes to make his friends laugh. 

"You sold Sasha?! But we've had her since she was a kitten! Sasha!"
"I'm sorry Marcus, the twins are growing up and we just can't care for her anymore. Remember last night?  The poor thing threw up!"

Taye grew up with a head full of hair like his daddy.

Marcus managed to sneak in his first kiss in between the toddler aging up.

Lamar grew up, aw, he's shy!

Please don't report them to the social worker.

Marcus mans up & asks Lindsay to go out with him in front of his mom & grandma.  Lindsay agreed. It sure would've been embarrassing to have been turned down in front of his mom!

Grandma Janene checks on her grandbabies.

Naomi & Bruce talk about their future and discuss having more children in the future.

Taye grows up to be a little boy.  (By the time everyone got outside, I'd lost my light! I should've put up some floodlights for my pics!)

Lamar grows up, too and heads straight for some birthday cake. Yummy!

Despite the boys growing up well, most people found the birthday party a bore.

Janene tried to stifle her cries in the bathroom.  She'd worked so hard on that party!

Naomi gets her wish, she's pregnant again.

She worries about how quickly her little boys were growing up.  How can she best help equip them for the successful lives she wants them to live?

"Let me show you around our house. Our boys will fit in just fine at Ms. Crumplebottom's Academy!"

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