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Jan 17, 2011

Nichols - Round Two

Now that Naomi was getting married & the kids were getting older, Janene wondered whether she was still needed.

Naomi made a mistake at work & was demoted.

Maya was having problems in her teen years. There were no boys in town & she had pimples!

Bruce took Marcus outside and bonded over a game of catch.  Marcus was surprised that Bruce never got mad when he dropped the ball.  His dad used to yell at him whenever he dropped the ball.

Naomi called off the wedding party when everyone in the house came down with the flu.

"Can you believe Mom is getting married.  Bruce seems okay," Marcus told his Grandma over dessert.

"Hey Manuel. How are you doing? Yeah, I've just been sooo busy. You know how it goes," Maya said.  She was still trying to impress the college boy Manuel.  He was so cute!

Naomi had been so disappointed to have to cancel their wedding party, but Bruce made it up to her.  They dressed in their formal clothes and had a special ceremony all by themselves.

And not a minute too soon.  They soon found out that Naomi was expecting!

"I hate homework! Mom never made me do it when I first got home!" Maya complained.

Marcus grew up while everyone was busy with their own lives.

Maya tried to impress a boy who came home with her from school.  "I just came over to do homework..." he said lamely.  "I don't need you anyways, I have a <i>college</i> boyfriend!" she'd fumed.

"What?!" Janene cried.  "I'm just telling you what she told me, Mom," Naomi said.  "She wants Manuel to move in with us.  She said he either moves in here or she's moving out. At least if she's here we can make sure she goes to school and does her homework. If she moves out, then who knows what will happen?"

Not long after, Naomi delivered twin boys & the house got very crowded.  (Come on Bruce, get up already and help your wife!  He actually made the bed before coming to see Naomi!)

Welcome to Pleasantview Lamar & Taye Turner.

Although Naomi still had her doubts about Manuel, she decided he couldn't be all that bad if he helped pitch in taking care of the twins.

Marcus thought the newspaper girl was beautiful and wished he knew how to find out if she liked him. 

Marcus had so much fun talking with his new school friend all afternoon. 

Finally, deciding that there just wasn't enough space for everyone, Manuel Pratt & Maya moved out.  Manuel hugged Naomi before they left and she whispered "Take care of her or I'll come after you."  Manuel looked sheepish & just said "Don't worry Ms. Turner, I'll take care of her."

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  1. Wow, Marcus grew up nice-looking! And I am loving your stories. :oD

  2. *sighs* It's so bittersweet to see Marcus & Lindsay as teenagers!

    Thanks for enjoying my stories. :) I had so much fun doing this prosperity hood!


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