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Jan 22, 2011

Owens (2) - Round Five

"Wow...way to start a relationship classy AJ..."

These two are always squeezing or smooching each other.

So I'm not surprised when AJ rolls the want to propose to Mary right away.

Although, he seems a little distracted when Olivia walks in the room.

Get a room guys!

AJ puts a lot of tender love & care into this old beat up car.

He & Mary test drive it.

AJ checks the paper to find a buyer for the old hot rod...

...while Mary cleans the bathroom.  AJ is a sloppy sim & there is always water everywhere.

"Good morning beautiful!"

AJ meets Starla.  "You wear your hair the exact same as my fiance."

Later that night, AJ wakes up & finds Mary outside his front door.

She was obviously thinking about him.

They get a little comfortable.

The next morning AJ throws a wedding party first thing.  He likes how dressed up Mary came.

I don't know what Starla & Olivia were fighting over - probably AJ.  But, later in the party it came to blows - right there in the bathroom!

"With this ring, I thee wed."

"I just LOVE the way you've decorated the place. It's so wild!" Olivia gushed.

Mary meets a handsome stranger & enjoys chit chatting with him.

Seth, AJ's dad, worries about his future.  He feels like he needs more fun in his life.

Mary moves in & brings Heidi, her sweet new pooch.  "I'm sorry she's not very well house-trained yet. We can work on it together..."

This skunk was stalking Heidi. AJ took her out for a walk to purposefully avoid the skunk & it hung around with it's tail upright in a spraying position until they came home.

Mary waits in bed alone. "Are you coming AJ?" she called out.

"Just a minute Mary! I want to finish up this logic skill!"

"I just love red hair!"

Mary came home and sighed as she looked around the room.  Dishes were everywhere.  She felt like she'd been taking care of someone for her entire life.

She went straight to bed and turned to face the wall instead of AJ.  AJ could tell she was upset about something, but couldn't figure out what it could be.

Mary realized with a start that this would mean big changes.

Over breakfast, Mary spoke with AJ about some changes she'd like to see take place with the house.  "I just can't be cleaning up after you all the time," she explained.  "Uh huh, okay sweetie." AJ murmured non-committedly.

"I'm going to make big bucks with this baby," AJ thought as he walked inside.

Someone else had other plans for it, though.

"My car!" AJ wailed.

Normally Mary ate omlettes for breakfast, but lately, she enjoyed grabbing a bag of chips.

"Hello, my name is AJ Owens. Nice to meet you," AJ practiced in the mirror that morning.

Then got in the car for one of the biggest days of his life.

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