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Jan 26, 2011

Owens (2) - Round Seven

Mary was determined to be more involved in her kids lives.

She wanted them to have a happy, healthy childhood.  They would never have to order groceries if they were hungry like she did!

AJ puts the fixed up hot rod up for sale.

And sells it for a big chunk of change!

Mary falls asleep on the couch since they hadn't had time to buy Dave his own bed.

Nanny Tina is upset about something that Mary did & is telling her off. Mary promptly fires her.
AJ stays up late working on another car.

Meanwhile Dave tries to teach Amelia a nursery rhyme.

And Amelia teaches her to talk.

Amelia is such a cutie with little Heidi!

Dave runs over to hug AJ when he gets home.

AJ steals a quick kiss from Mary.  "I'm going to go change & work on the hot rod," AJ says.  "Come join me if you get a chance."

Amelia becomes a child!

Cute siblings!

AJ decorates their room.

Uncle Carter stops by to talk to AJ about something serious.  He didn't have time to listen to Dave.  "Where's your dad?" he asked abruptly.

AJ's hotrods are starting be a hot commodity. AJ posted the two raving reviews in his room.  He was building a name for himself!

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