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Jan 24, 2011

Owens (2) - Round Six

"This is what I'm talking about AJ! This place is a mess! You have to clean up after yourself!" Mary cried.

"Well if that's all you're complaining about..." AJ walked to the phone & ordered a maid.

Little boy Dave was born.

The maid grimaces as she walks into the bathroom.

Later that night she walks by the house & kicks over the trash can.  "You live in FILTH," she yelled at AJ in spanish.  Good thing AJ doesn't know spanish or he would've had to fire her...

Mary & AJ enjoy working on the car together...

They also enjoy other activities together...

AJ can't wait to get this car ready to sell. He can feel in his bones that this is the way to his fortune.

Dave becomes a little boy. Orange overload in this room!

Mary does a little happy dance after she successfully sells the hot rod.

And gives Dave some overdue attention. She tries hard to spend as much time as possible with him. She hated being ignored by her father so much.

In the middle of teaching Dave to talk, she goes into labor.  (What?! No picture of baby girl Amelia?! Oh my! I'll make it up to you next round Amelia! I promise!)

AJ tries to sell another hot rod he fixed up with Mary.

Dave grows up well & proud of himself.

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