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Jan 22, 2011

Owens (3) - Round Five

Carter moved into this cheery little house with it's white picket fence.  He bought it with Lindsay in mind. She knew she would love it.
He invited her over soon after moving in & talked about how much he missed her.

"Will you marry me, Lindsay?"

"I can't wait to build a life with you Carter, but there's one thing you have to do for me." Lindsay said.  "What's that Linds?" Carter asked.  "You have to buy new pants. Those are driving me nutty!"

Dexter Owens tried to be happy for his big brother, but being at the wedding & seeing how happy Lindsay & he were, it made him worry about his future. He hoped to build something with Alessandra.

Inappropriate Carter! This is your wedding day & your wife is right behind you!

The newlywed rush off for their honeymoon.

Lindsay is a popularity Sim with a want to be an athlete. Oh, let's look at her skills - 10 body, 6 mechanical & 5 charisma.  And one promotion away from being top in the military field.

Lindsay dons her astronaut get-up and heads off to work with Carter on his first day at the newspaper.  "I'm used to better carpools than this," she whines.  (And just so you know, he had a chance card his first day between banner ads & sell t-shirts again & I almost picked banner ads again.  I learned my lesson the first time!)

Rex meets a new friend.

Lindsay! It's not nice to laugh when your husband is shot down for a friendly hug.  You're supposed to be supportive!

Chris had so much fun hanging out with Carter that he left them a... stove? And the cheapest one available too!  Not to compare, but Elmer left Ashley (Banks) Tomyoy a dancing sphere! Way more cool!

Ah! And Holden had so much fun with Lindsay the previous day that he pulled some strings for her & she was promoted! Lindsay stretched and said, "Now that I've reached the top in this field, I feel like trying something new." She consulted the paper. "Oh look - the athletic field is the first job offering! I'll TAKE it!"

Everyone scowls as Rex comes to play. He is one smelly dog!

Carter's coworker takes pity on him and cleans out his house after Carter bathed him (Bathed Rex - not the coworker. That would be awkward...)

Ashley comes home a little hungry & decides to make macaroni & cheese.

"I am making a killing this round!"

"He wiped us out! He took our tv, our violin, our bookshelf & our large couch...  What are we going to do?" Carter sobbed.

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