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Jan 26, 2011

Owens (3) - Round Seven

"Mom has to stay in bed a lot," Hannah tells her cousin Amelia.  "She & Daddy fight about it when she tries to clean or exercise.  If he's home, he'll come over & yell at her & make her lay down."  "What's wrong with her?" Amelia asked.  Hannah just shrugged and said "I dunno.  Maybe it was from going to the moon that one time..."

Rex - you're not a house dog & sticking your nose in the wall isn't going to make you one!

Hannah enjoys playing the violin when Mommy & Daddy have company over.  Daddy makes sure that everything is very calm.  No loud music, no dancing. He doesn't want Mommy to get sick.

Fifi & Biscuit grow up.

Fifi immediately starts a fight.  Lindsay saw & ran to call the adoption service.  She didn't want an aggressive dog around her baby.

Hannah learns how to study under her mom's watchful eye.

It's time to say goodbye to good 'ole Rex... 

Carter is madly in love with Lindsay, which is why he's so overprotective...

...Lindsay wonders how he'll act when she tells him she's pregnant...

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