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Jan 24, 2011

Owens (3) - Round Six

Rex is unsure of the new pup, Daisy, that Lindsay adopted.

Lindsay throws a impromptu get together so that her & Carter's friends can meet. She was surprised to find out that Carter didn't have any friends!  "I'm sorry sweetie, but I'm a bookworm!" he replied sheepishly.

After a few days of trying, Lindsay was finally pregnant & loving it.

Shortly after having her little girl, Hannah, she noticed that the tv was broke. "Oh I need to fix that," she mumbled as she pulled out her screwdriver.

Rex & Daisy get a long wonderfully now.

Daisy is officially an adult doggie now.  (Don't mind Carter, sometimes he likes to bathe outside. It's just one of the little quirks we love about him...)

Rex rests up.

Lindsay feeds baby Hannah and cuddles with her every chance she gets.

Lindsay says that she feels guilty going back to work and leaving Hannah at home with the nanny.  "Maybe I should quit," she worried.

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Look at that smile!

Another close-up.  (I am feeling so guilty for having so many pictures of Hannah & none of Amelia!)

Lindsay puts Hannah on the bouncy horse.  "Weee.." Hannah giggled.  Lindsay just smiled and looked at her beautiful child & her four new little puppies.  Life was good, she thought.

And then, she collapsed.

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  1. Still giggling at the pic of Carter in the doggy tub.


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