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Jan 30, 2011

Owens (4) - Round Eight

Kara loved showing off in front of new friends, like Preston Banks.
Dexter works on making more friends to get another promotion...
...And studies hard to show his boss that he knows his stuff.
While Kara works hard staying up with her homework & her piano lessons.

All her hard work pays off.  "Yes!" she cheers as she gets off the bus.

Dexter should've studied cooking some more...

Alessandra & Kara enjoy the omelettes though.
Alessandra worries that she got food poisoning from the burned omelettes, though.
Kara has fun playing with Elise Rossi & Quentin Nichols (I think that's Quentin anyways! Geesh!)

Alessandra works on befriending more colleagues.

It never hurts to have friends in your corner at work.

Alessandra finally realizes she's pregnant and excitedly tells Kara, "You're going to be a big sister soon."

Dexter comes home from work after a demotion due to a crappy choice at work.

Kara runs up and hugs him, "Did you hear! We're having a baby!"

Dexter runs in to see Alessandra, "Oh my God!" he cries in surprise when he sees her giving birth. 

Kara looks at baby Everett and wonders if she's going to like him...

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