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Jan 26, 2011

Owens (4) - Round Seven

Alessandra toys with adopting a cute little puppy named Brandi.

Kara becomes a cutie toddler.

Marcus has so much fun on the outing with Alessandra planning their class curriculum, that he drops off a light.

Alessandra throws herself into teaching Kara everything she can.

But her heart yearns for another little baby.

"Isn't she adorable?" Alessandra whispers.  "It was so hard just to conceive..."

"...I just worry that we won't have another little baby."

"Baby, of course we can have another. Don't stress out about it," Dexter soothed.  "We can try right now, if you like..."

After a tense afternoon involving an exhausted baby, a starving mom, & a crazy nanny, Kara grew up well.

"Good job Kara!" Alessandra said.

Kara promptly passed out as Alessandra grabbed some lunch.

Dexter came home and saw all the spoiled bottles on the floor and wondered what happened.  (Alessandra later told him that she wasn't able to put Kara to bed because the nanny kept giving Kara bottles that kept spoiling.  Alessandra finally had to fire the nanny because she was obviously mentally unbalanced.  "I should've screened her better," Alessandra worried."

Chips, the staple of any great school day breakfast.

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