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Jan 24, 2011

Owens (4) - Round Six

Dexter felt ready for marriage & a baby.

And he wanted it with Alessandra Romano

He invited her & proposed & was elated that she accepted.

They married during a wedding party surrounded by family & friends, running of to enjoy a romantic honeymoon.

And enjoyed their newlywed stage.

Alessandra was a well-liked school teacher, who took her job seriously.  She was good friends with Marcus Nichols & was planning a collaborative teaching session with his class for the spring semester.

Life was perfect.

Even better when she found out that they were pregnant!

They would soon have a baby to shower with love!

Alessandra thought that Dexter would make a wonderful daddy.

He was always talking and playing with their baby, and she wasn't even born yet!

She started a baby journal and started filling it with pictures & dates.

Welcome baby Kara!

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