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Jan 29, 2011

Owens - Round Eight

Gracie was bored. She'd never felt driven to excel at any of the jobs here in Pleasantview.  But, Dad's workbench gave her a great idea...
Corbin was Grace's first victim.. err... I mean.. customer.

During the nights Gracie still enjoyed other activities, though.

Especially dancing...

Gracie reaches top influence. There were 3 more non-family members that she's friends with.  Naomi Turner, Bryan Pratt & Henry Banks.

Lance came by to visit Gracie & frowned when he saw Ian flirting with Nina.  I thought she said she wasn't ready for something serious, he thought.

But she really wasn't.  Ian attempted his first kiss with Nina and was turned down flat. 

Gracie made sure Lance wasn't feeling neglected.

Nina came by later that night.  "I've been thinking... maybe I am ready.." she hedged.  Ian just leaned forward and kissed her.

Lamar had so much fun on his date with Gracie that he had a karaoke set delivered.

Not sure what Henry did to upset Shanna so much, but she was mad!

Gracie is swooning over the maid.

So naturally...

"I think I just saw a ghost..." Ian gulped.

Seth's friendly ghost makes an appearance again.

Gracie checks out the taxi driver as she moves out on her own to follow her dreams.

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