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Jan 21, 2011

Owens - Round Five

Dexter came home from school and walked around back where Rex used to be.  He saw the blue doggie bone on the ground & wondered if Rex missed it.  Dexter sure missed having a dog... maybe his dad would let him adopt another one...

"Oh God! I'm so glad you're home! Wait until you see inside! I stopped by the store on the way home! I'm so happy!"

Dexter had a hard night last night & didn't get much sleep.  Work & school were starting to take it's toll on him.

Shanna looks around the master bedroom. "Much better!" she said with a satisfied nod.

Dexter waved his hand in the air trying to catch Shanna's attention.  "I'm really tired! Can I please take a nap in your bed?" he asked.  "No, you'll make it wrinkly & smelly. Wait until the kids wake up from their nap."

"I saw you at the Chinese Bistro the other night. You made quite an impression on me.."

"SHANNA.... where's all my STUFF? Are they all gone? My hockey sticks? My hula lamp girl? My sports chairs?"

Alessandra Romano came home with Dexter from school. He'd never noticed before how cute she was.  They spent the afternoon flirting...

...then Dexter leaned in & kissed her.. forehead...

"I'm sorry Alessandra, I just feel like there's a big age difference between us right now. You're still in high school and I'm not...  Look me up when you get older."

"Tell us the story about the fishes again, Mom," Ian & Gracie laughed.  It seemed the new decorations & less people in the house really made a difference on everybody's mood.

Okay. Well not everybody's. I'm not buying you another one, Ian.

Oh well, thanks for cleaning it up.

HEY! Get back here young man!

Dexter falls asleep on the couch.  I guess there's not room for everyone...

Ian! Quit kicking the trash can!

"Yeah, so Mom wants to be a famous athlete when she grows up. She doesn't want to be a stay at home mommy. I heard her tell Dad.  She sounded mad..."

Just thought I'd throw this in. The last shot of our youthful Seth.

"Hey man, so glad you could make it over for the party. I know you're busy trying to bring in some extra cash right now after the move."

"Oh wow, get a load of her..."

"Have I seen you around here before?"  (Amazingly, even though Dexter heart-farted all over her, he wasn't attracted to her at all.)

Gracie tries to make up for her previously grumpy behavior by cleaning up and doing odd jobs around the house.

Happy Birthday Seth!  Don't look now, but Shanna might be trying to trade you in for a newer model...

"And so the monkey in the bar said 'koala'!  Wasn't that funny guys?" Shanna laughed.

Shanna hummed as she put on her makeup.  She'd been so busy during her pregnancy & the toddler years, that she'd never really bothered with it. But, now she had more free time and hopefully would start having more fun...

"Shanna! I didn't want to hear your stupid joke anyways.  Why'd you distract me while I was cooking?"

"Hey! Were you spying on my kid? Simon's not a freak! You'd better watch it!" JP growled as he pushed Dexter away from the telescope.

Ian becomes a teen.  He has a thirst for knowledge & wants to be a city planner.

Gracie is a pleasure Sim & wants to have 50 Dream Dates.

Shanna & Seth wave goodbye after Dexter announced he was moving out.  "I just need some space of my own. I can't sleep on your couch forever," he joked.

Chris! You get the 'Guest of the Round' award!

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