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Jan 19, 2011

Owens - Round Four

Poor Dexter. He was fired after a dismal loss in an online tournament.  Stupid Bobby Kitaki. I'm never playing his character again!

I think Carter has finally found his dream girl!

Ready or not Owens... here comes Chaos!  Dear Shanna gave us twins!  Gracie & Ian!

AJ sneaks a chance to propose to Mary before the night gets crazy.

Seth tried some cookies that a coworker gave him & was mildly surprised when he started hallucinating...

Quit bugging me when I'm trying to take care of these babies Rex!  Go outside!  (And thus Rex became an outside dog, poor thing.)

Happy Birthday AJ! Love the tattoo...

"I'm on top of the world..."

Happy Birthday Carter! Go borrow your brothers pants, you do NOT need to bare your belly.

Seth picks up cute little Gracie.

Ian becomes a cute little tyke!

AJ decides that a great way to earn extra money is to rebuild cars.

Aw, cute!

Carter suggested hosting banner ads at work. How was he to know that his boss hated computers!

And the little princess grows up.  Look how sweet she looks!

Ian grows up as well.

Shanna had an aspiration failure after both of her kids grew up poorly.  "I'm a romance Sim!! What are you doing to me?! Why did you stick me in this large, dysfunctional family!"

The house is too crowded now.  Shanna & Carter had nowhere to sleep.

Not such a little princess, is she.  Poor Ian just needed to use the restroom and she stalked him, poking him in the chest and making him cry.  Gracie! Behave!

AJ & Carter decide to move out to give the family more space.  Seth made Carter take Rex.

I think Gracie tried to run away the night before when she couldn't find a bed for her, but wound up passing out before the property line.

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  1. Haha. Is she just mean, or berating him about the pink pajamas?

  2. Ha! I know! Poor guy never stood a chance getting pink jammies as a child. She is actually insanely nice (9 points), she just grew up really poorly & unloved. She's going to need an intervention!


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