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Jan 17, 2011

Owens - Round One

Seth (Pleasure, Gamer), AJ, Carter, Dexter

First thing on Seth's agenda was to redeem himself as a man.  Maybe he wasn't the most observant guy in the world, but he'd thought he had a good marriage.  So it had come as a huge shock to him when his wife had yelled that there was too much testosterone in the house & run off with her lesbian love. A complete shock and a heavy blow to his manly pride.

He grinned as he saw his boys working their magic on the two little school friends. 

He couldn't help that he was into sports, games & having fun.  So he hadn't had a job for awhile, he checked the paper everyday looking to see if they were hiring any gamers.  And as long as he checked the paper, his unemployment would keep rolling in.

Seth almost had a chance with the cute little blonde his friend Willow brought over, but in the end, she didn't want to take a chance on him.  She'd said something about too much baggage. 

Bummed out, Seth had gone straight to bed.   It had never occurred to him to make sure the kids had gone to bed. Seriously, Cathy had always taken care of that.

The next day while the kids were at school, the pretty blonde from a few blocks over came over.  He came pretty close to sealing the deal, but his kids came home from school and started waving their report cards in his face.  Ashley had frowned and then said she had something else to do & left.  Apparently she wasn't kid-friendly.

AJ handed his report card to Seth and then immediately run back outside.  Seth glanced out the window and saw him playing with a cute little red-head that he recognized from the weird Boggs family.

Over boxed mac n' cheese, Seth caught up with his boys before bed time.

AJ & Carter were so close because they were twins.  Although, AJ liked to play sports like his old man & Carter could often be found playing quietly in his room.

Dexter grew up in a blink of an eye & AJ and Carter immediately started teasing him about how much he stank.

Dexter didn't care though.  The twins might tease him and gang up on him, but he had other, better friends.

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