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Jan 24, 2011

Owens - Round Six

Seth cried after Ashley rushed over to berate him for using the telescope.  "I wasn't looking at you! I swear it!" he said.  He couldn't believe someone he once loved could act that way.

Ian teased Nina by pretending he had something in his pocket.  He'd thought it was funny & thought she had, too.  But, she'd ran away upset.  Girls! he thought.

Mom had run out of groceries, so she'd decided to treat them to a night out at the local restaurant. 

Gracie was glad they had gone. There had been lots of cute boys working there.

Right now, Samuel Kratz had her utmost attention. He was a football player in one of her classes.  He thought she should try out for cheerleader & then start dating because they looked so good together.

Seth yelled at Gracie, "What were you cooking?"

Gracie squirmed as the fire grew, "I was just trying to make grilled cheese," she wailed.  "How much oil are you supposed to put in the pan?!"

Ian thought quick and grabbed the extinguisher.  "No more cooking Gracie. Seriously, you'll kill us!"  The family sighed with relief.

"I'm going to get you!" Gracie cried as she pounced on Samuel.  She loved rough housing with him.

But she also loved hanging out with Simon.  He might not look like other boys, but he was so smart & kind.

And very romantic.

"Look Gracie, Simon's my friend. You have to stop leading him on." Ian told her the next morning. "If you don't tell him, I will."

Gracie had just told Ian that she wasn't dating anyone seriously & that it wasn't his problem.  That night, she'd thrown a huge party.  Ian scoffed and wondered what people saw in her. She was always the life of any party.

The next day Gracie met a cute local boy named Lance.  "Have we met before?!" she exclaimed.

"No way because I damn sure would've recognized you," Lance had flirted. Damn she was hot, Gracie thought to herself.

Ian had invited the headmaster over to see about attending private school.

He'd prepared a macaroni meal and tried to impress the headmaster.  He was surprised he'd succeeded. Gracie said it was because he thought the family had money because of the way mom had splurged on the house.

Shanna finds her groove with the local fitness club organizer.

Gracie starts a romance with the guy that worked at the electronic store.

Boy was he a good kisser!  She absolutely loved having Dream Dates!  She was hooked!

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