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Jan 17, 2011

Owens - Round Two

Things were looking up for Seth. He went outside to get the mail and was complimented by a nice lady out for a jog.  "Nice house," she said.

The boys play water balloons.  AJ & Carter threw the most at Dexter.

Seth gets pretty good at whipping up some macaroni.

The nice lady had stayed for the day & enjoyed dinner with Seth, but she wasn't interested in dating.  "Sorry, you're moving way too fast!"

AJ teases Dexter some more.  The twins are hard on their little brother, but Dexter just laughs.

"What am I doing with my life?"

Seth enjoys playing games with his boys.

Finally Seth was able to find a gaming job.  *fist pump*

AJ & Dexter play darts.  "Lame shot," AJ said as he rolled his eyes.

Fired on his first day.  Seth couldn't believe his rotten luck.

But, a macaroni dinner with his kids made him feel a little better.  What would make him feel even better was a visit from Ashley. 

"Can you believe it's our birthday already?"

Carter grows up to a teen as Ashley talks to AJ.  He rolls knowledge & wants to excel in journalism.

AJ grows up to a teen as well.  Styling clothes!  AJ rolls wealth & wants to earn 100k.  Time to get a job!

"I feel so old!"

Seth doesn't have to go to work since he was fired, so he calls up Ashley for a pity party.

He's feeling much better as he kisses her goodbye.

AJ ditches teasing his little brother & starts helping him with his homework & making sure that he does his chores.

Seth gets a puppy since his kids were always bugging him for one.  Look at the paws on this little guy!
A night with the guys & talking about women really lifts Seth's mood.   Who needs women anyways?  He hadn't been able to get a hold of Ashley since she bailed right after their fling.  Maybe it was time to set his sights on someone else. 

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