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Jan 26, 2011

Pratts (2) - Round Seven

Manuel was so glad that his kids agreed to come over. He couldn't believe that Christopher was a teenager already! Time flew and he was missing it!  He hugged Aaliyah tight.

Christopher snapped, "I'm just here 'cause Mom made me come."  Manuel could feel there was no love lost there. He worried about what he could do to fix it.

Dinner was awkward and silent with Aaliyah acting cheerful and Christopher acting sullen.

"Excuse, I have to grab this," Manuel said as he dashed to the phone.  He was hoping it was Sheila. He hadn't heard from her since the blow-up.

Manuel cleaned up after dinner & the kids had gone.  It wasn't that he didn't love their mom. She was just so demanding.  It was always about her LTW and never about his.  And then there was Sheila. So sweet, so funny. Coming home with him everyday and putting in a good word for him.  How was he to resistant? It felt so good having something revolve around him for a change.

And now he was an elder. He had a lot of catch up to do!

Mary Boggs! Are you threatening to punch Manuel?! Shame on you!

Manuel hadn't seen Sheila for a few days and he was desperate.  He called up and ordered groceries he didn't need.  Sure enough, Sheila delivered them, awkwardly smiling.

"Sheila, please marry me and make me a happy man!"  Sheila accepted with a hesitation.  "I was so worried you would hate me because of what happened with your wife and your kids... I felt so guilty being the other woman! And then your wife complained and I was fired..."

"I can't believe this," Sheila gushed.  "What? You didn't really think I needed that little bit of groceries, did you?" Manuel teased.

Manuel slept well for the first night since his nasty divorce.

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