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Jan 29, 2011

Pratts - Round Eight

Aaliyah finds herself attracted to Joshua.  (What is it about him that appeals to all my girls?!)

Elise becomes an adorable toddler!

Elmer stopped by to visit Maya & found her smooching with Renaud.  Upset, he ran over to slap her, but she just ignored him & he eventually walked away. Then, later, Maya saw Elmer & thought fondly of their pseudo-date that they had enjoyed and flirted with him. Elmer was offended that she flirted with him & turned his back. Unfortunately, Renaud came over to witness her flirtations & was distraught.  So, the end result is that she flirted with someone who was mad at her & made her husband mad at her. (I came this close to pulling out L&D tombstone.  Now I'm just thinking of creative ways for Elmer to die. I never liked him anyway. *Fumes*)

What is a married pleasure Sim to do.  To cheat or not to cheat...   I know! Have your son research marriage counseling!
Renaud was hit hard by Maya's apparent defection.  They argue bitterly all the time now.
Christopher helped convince Renaud to forgive and move on.  Unfortunately, right after Christopher managed to "reconcile" them, Renaud turned around and poked Maya in the chest.  Perhaps it will take a little more work & counseling...
Maya used the time that Renaud was mad at her to teach Elise all the skills she would need during her toddler years and to research lifelong happiness.
Maya kept trying to win back Renaud's affection.  "It was just a pseudo date a million years ago Renaud..."

Maya was so distraught & distracted from going without a Dream Date for two days that she started a small kitchen fire.

Renaud knew how much she hated fires and hugged her tight.  Maya took it as a sign that he still cared.

"Nice job getting those crazy lovebirds back together Chris," Aaliyah said.  (Yeah, it only took 5 or 6 repair relationship attempts as well as 2-3 influence to kiss interactions.  Piece of cake. *Rolls eyes*)

"Would you like to go on a date with me?" Renaud asked Maya.

Elise becomes a child as Elmer looks on is disgust.  (Elmer! What are you doing here! Leave us alone!)

Maya & Renaud spice up their love life.  There would be many trips to this little car in the next few days.

"I had so much fun on our date 5 minutes ago. Would you like to go out with me again?  I can't believe I wasted so much time between us!" Renaud said.

Bryan grows up well.

Aaliyah grows up.

And Aaliyah discovers that she has a thing for Lance and asks him over for a date.  They realize they have a lot in common and Aaliyah drops down to one knee.

38 Down, 12 to Go!

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