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Jan 26, 2011

Pratts - Round Seven

Maya sent the kids to school and then went directly to bed, where she stayed all day switching between sleep & crying.  "Divorce," she thought bitterly. "What a mess..."

When Christopher came home, she put on a happy act and tried to act like everything was okay. He wasn't buying it.

Aaliyah poked Simon in the chest. "How could you? I told you about what just happened with my dad. You're such a jerk!" Aaliyah had ranted.  She didn't know which hurt her more - her dad's betrayal or Simon's....

Manuel continued to come over to see his children.  Maya was still attracted to him, despite it all. 

"How could you say you love me one minute and kiss her the other?" Maya demanded.  "I don't know, I love you, I do. But, I just felt a connection with her & she kept coming home with me...  Besides... I knew all about ELMER!" he accused.  "It was a psuedo-date! It doesn't count!" Maya screamed as she stomped her foot.
"Daddy!" Aaliyah said as she Manuel hugged her. "I've missed you!"  She was such a daddy's girl.
"Hey there kiddo," Manuel had said as he leaned in to hug Christopher.  "Don't touch me," Christopher had warned, then run upstairs to bed.

Maya knew she needed to do something to get her mind off of Manuel. Renaud Rossi is a popularity sim with athletic LTW.

I didn't even realize someone left this karaoke machine until I saw Manuel rocking out on it.  Simon?

Renaud surprised Maya one morning by proposing.

She accepted because she loved him, he was great with the kids & because she was already beginning to show.

Aren left Renaud a flower vase for a wonderful outing. Way to make friends Renaud!

Maya hugged Aaliyah and said "I can tell something's wrong. Come talk to me if you need to, okay?"

Christopher grows up.  His dysfunctional upbringing led him to be a knowledge sim who wanted to be a criminal.

"Morning, Mom," Bryan waved as he walked out the door to school, the private school Renaud had arranged for them to attend.

Maya poses in front of her Dream Dates bouquets.  (And I forgot to take pictures of a cute little baby girl named Elise Rossi.)

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