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Jan 24, 2011

Pratts - Round Six

Marcus was surprised when Elmer & Olivia stopped by one night to talk.  Olivia dragged Elmer over & announced, "We got married. Elmer, go tell Maya that you're a married man now."  Elmer had sheepishly glanced at Olivia, and strutted off to find Maya.  Wow, what a woman, Marcus thought.

Elmer told Maya that he couldn't see her anymore because he was married.  "It was a pseudo date!" she'd screamed.  Elmer said, "Right. Psuedo-date. But, I told Olivia & it's over between us," he announced. "Get out!" she'd screamed, then counted to ten again...

Somehow she'd made it downstairs & doubled over in pain by the front door.  "Dad, I think it's time..." Bryan informed him.  "How can everyone be so calm?!" Maya shouted.

Soon she held a beautiful little boy she named Christopher.

Marcus was rising through the ranks fast now & soon brought home a coworker, Sheila. She was loads of fun.

Marcus & Maya enjoy some private time in the car while the nanny cooks breakfast. Wait...where'd the nanny go?  But, they're SOOO close to a Dream Date!

Giggling like teenagers, they get out of the car.  "That was easier when we were younger," Maya jokes.  "Thanks for a Dream Date," Marcus quickly kisses her cheek. "I need to go shower up before work."

"Quick! Call the firemen!" Maya yelled as Marcus put out the fire.

"Oh my God. It could've killed us!" she moaned into her hands, then stormed upstairs.

"You're FIRED!" Maya yelled.

"Let's stay outside for awhile today," Marcus told the kids. "Mommy needed to go to sleep."

Bryan & Aaliyah grabbed some leftover dinner since their parents were one of their many 'date nights'.

"Marcus! What in the world did you do?!" Maya screamed.

Maya had stalked him into the bathroom & yelled at him for starting a fire. "It's not like I did it on purpose, Maya. Get a grip," he'd told her and walked upstairs.

Maya met a handsome stranger one afternoon.  He looked so exotic.  His name was Renaud Rossi. She wondered if he was french...

Christopher becomes an adorable toddler.

Marcus & Maya aren't paying much attention to the kids & their homework is left untouched.

Sheila comes home with Marcus for a brainstorming session again.

Later that night she admitted that she found him quite admirable. "I just love.. I mean.. like.. how good you are with your.. hands.." she stammered, embarrassed by her slip-up.

Maya calls him inside, "It's the twin's birthday Marcus, get in here!"  Aaliyah grows up desiring wealth & wants to earn 100K.

And Bryan rolls knowledge with the LTW of city planner.

Maya realizes that her baby's are growing up as the kids start bringing home more friends.

Sheila comes home with Marcus yet again.

Aaliyah checks herself out in the mirror.

Marcus gives in to temptation.

Maya comes down the stairs with Christopher in her arms to catch the tail end of her husband and that tramp kissing!

She rushed upstairs after him and slaps him. "So that's why she kept coming home with you\! How long has this been going on?!" she cried.  "Nevermind! I don't want to know. GET OUT!"

Marcus had been shocked that Maya broke up with him, he didn't know how his life had unraveled this fast. He'd thought they would be happy forever.  He hadn't counted on meeting Sheila, though...

Maya hugged her crying children and told them it would be okay.

Christopher grew up the next morning...


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