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Jan 18, 2011

Pratts - Round Three

Maya fell head over heels for Manuel Pratt the minute she saw him.  She acted like a fool trying to impress him, but there was something about her that college student Manuel really liked.  But soon the house was full to capacity & Manuel decided to move back home.  This time, he invited Maya to come with him.

A few of Manuel's friends came over to welcome him back.

Maya absolutely loved this house. It was so cute! Her mom said she was just playing house, but she was happy here!

That night before bed, Maya told Manuel that although she loved him & was a pleasure sim, she wanted to wait until her wedding night.

"It's okay, I understand! Whatever makes you comfortable!"

Manuel put a pillow between them and they both went to sleep on their own sides of the bed.

"Bad kitty! You destroyed my homework! What am I going to tell my teacher?!" Maya yelled.

Maya was so pleased everyone came to celebrate her birthday.

She grew up beautiful! Happy birthday!

"Oh Manuel, you are so sexy!"

"Maya, will you marry me?"  (Did anyone not see that coming?)

"Isn't beautiful?" Naomi sighed.  " you give us a little space..."

The wedding reception was a hit. Everyone looked so nice in their formal wear.  Manuel kept trying to sneak upstairs and take a nap.

"Would you care for some cake Mrs. Pratt?"

After the honeymoon, Manuel accepts congratulation calls while Maya cleans up.
 "I want some new clothes Manuel, let's go to the plaza." Maya said. "Besides, I know something fun we can do there!"  When Maya got to the shop and found the outfit she really wanted, Manuel looked at the price tag and said "Honey, we don't have money for that. I'm really sorry.  I'll get you something beautiful after I get a better job."

Manuel got a better job in the construction field.   

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