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Prosperity Peeps

Jan 29, 2011

Romanos - Round Eight

Phebe's morning sickness was extreme.  She threw up four times in a row that morning.  I think being starving when she woke up made it worse.

She's so worn out & tired this time around that all she wants to do is watch kids cartoons.

Franklin grew up well, looking more like his mama than his dad.

Phebe goes into labor while little Franklin plays house.  Welcome little Destiny!

Nina throws a work party with Manuel Pratt & Ian Owens.

Ian cornered her in the bathroom.  "No," she protested. "We work together...  It's not right... Manuel's in the other room... He might tell..."

Ian convinced Nina to sneak away into the other room despite her misgivings.

"This can't happen again," Nina warned Ian. "We have to keep a professional relationship."  "I'll see you soon," Ian promised as he stroked her cheek.

Daniel was finally accepted into the tight closed ranks of the educators.

Nina was upset that Ian had pulled some strings for her promotion.  She didn't want favoritism to help her reach the top.

Lance Tomyoy visits as baby Destiny grows up.

Destiny loves butterflies.

Quentin ages up well.

With a growing family, Nina found herself asleep on the couch so that Quentin could have her bed.

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