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Jan 19, 2011

Romanos - Round Four

Gina Marie! Another baby with a different father! What are your girls going to think?!  "But I really want a little boy!"

After Olivia went to take a nap, Alessandra finally had a chance to meet Henry & they hit it off.

Exceptionally well...

Nina grows up to be a beautiful little girl! Love the haircut!

Gina Marie has an aspiration failure after she passes out in the kitchen trying to eat lunch.

"What do you mean you don't have a bed? Don't your mommy & daddy love you?

"I just really want to kiss someone before I'm an adult.  Your hair is kind of fugly, but you'll do... you game?"

Awww... daddy Elmer came by to visit Nina.  What a good daddy!

Uh oh. I was hoping that I didn't catch Mary Boggs kicking a grave - but apparently she did.  Sal does NOT look happy...

"I'll teach you to kick my grave!" Sal yelled. "You always were ungrateful!"

"Phew. I'm okay.. wait a minute..."

Nope. She wasn't okay.  Rest in peace Gina Marie & the potential male heir you were carrying.  You do realize you've condemned your romance daughter Olivia to a life of heartbreak & raising babies on her own. At least you had your parents to help!

Alessandra is a natural at taking care of Nina. She can't wait to have a family of her own, though.  She holds Nina as she chit chats with Lance Tomyoy.

"Come on sweetie, say milk. Miiiiiiiiiiilk."  Little Phebe in engrossed in a cookbook in the background.

"'re such a cute little puppy! Maybe I'll actually get to be friends with you before you run off tonight so that I can adopt you. You'd like that boy, wouldn't you?"  (Apparently not...he ran off before I could adopt him...)

Phebe plays with Ian Owens.  "I wish you were my sister Phebe. You're the best!" Ian said.  "Aw, come on, Gracie's not that bad, Ian!"

Olivia invited her boy toy over for a quick kiss before she grew up.

Meet a goth Phebe.  I was kind of hoping for a popularity sims, but no - she's a family sim.  And she wants to marry off 6 kids. I think she's going to actually go into the music field and rock out.

Little Nina all grown up! So cute & angelic looking!

Olivia becomes a stunning adult.  Watch out boys!  She is on the prowl!  She just needs a little makeover.

"Yes! My family still uses this bed, even though my daughter died in here!"

Sexy mama! Love the salon cut!

"I said I don't want to play Mary Mack. We're going to play cops & robbers or I'm going home!"  (The amazing thing is that little Gracie has 9 nice points - she's just a sad, sad little girl.)

"No way, you're way too... weird for me..." Lamar Nichols told Phebe.  Really Phebe, what did you expect? He's a button-down collar type of guy & you're a tattoos & man-beaters type of girl.  Too bad AJ is already spoken for.

"I can't believe we're, like, bestest friends!" Lydia gushed.  "Yeah, sure, bestest friends. Sounds great," Olivia muttered.  "Just put in a good word for me at work, okay?"

"You are just what I am looking for, baby," Alan schmoozed.  "Why do you think I called you so much, even when you were a teen. I was just waiting for you to not be jail bait!"

"Aww...that's the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me..."

Here's a random cute picture of Nina.  She loves her sisters, but sometimes she wishes her daddy would come by.

Olivia just figured out why her mom loved her room so much, especially the closet.

"Look Taye, I really thought you were pretty cute & I just want to get to know you a little better, maybe go out with some friends..."

"Sure I can fix it" Olivia bragged.  "I have 3 mechanical points. Easy schmeasy..."

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