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Jan 26, 2011

Romanos - Round Seven

It hurt to see Alessandra leave the house. It hurt even more to see her happily married & having babies.  Not having any eligible men in her life after Henry Bank's defection, Phebe called up the matchmaker & gave her all she had...

And met Daniel Hsu!

They got to know each other over dinner & realized they had a lot in common.

Nina had a crush on Simon. She knew he was older than her, but he was just so nice & down to earth.

Phebe's romance progressed quickly...

...Maybe a little too quickly... (Seriously Phebe, what are you holding out for? A romantic dinner? You want to get married & have a baby - so get married for me already!)

Daniel was disappointed, but not broken. He went to the room, changed into his formal, serenaded Phebe and won her heart through music.  She accepted & leapt into his waiting arms.

"Don't worry Nina. This isn't going to change anything between us. It's still us against the world.. okay?"

"We are the champions, my friend!" Double promotions in sync. Nice job guys.  (By the way, Daniel Hsu is a family sim with a want to go into education. Working on it buddy...)

Things did change around the house though, despite Phebe's promise.

Nina grew up though and knew there would probably be more changes...

...but for now they enjoyed their friendship & their time together.

"I have a baby boy! I'm a daddy!" Daniel cried at the top of his lungs.  "Woooooo!"  Love the excitement Daddy! Welcome to the world Franklin Hsu!

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