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Jan 24, 2011

Romanos - Round Six

Nina gives Simon a noogie while Gracie & Carolina look on.

Phebe was fired from the music store for berating the customer's choice of music. But seriously, Justin Bieber? Gawd!

Starla came home with Alessandra and made fun of Olivia's bangs. "Oh no you didn't!" Olivia yelled as she put Starla in a choke hold.

Grandma Isabella got in the action, too.

Phebe made a last ditch effort to impress Lamar.  It was met with resounding failure. He just didn't like her that way.  He probably like Justin Bieber, Phebe thought bitterly.

He was definitely impressed with Nina, though.

Olivia was so excited when Elmer stopped by to visit. She jumped into his waiting arms.

"Olivia!!! He's my dad!!!"  Nina had cried when she saw the two of them kiss.

"How COULD you?"

"Grow up, you brat!" Olivia had yelled right back at her.  "Come on Elmer.. let's go to my room!"

"Daddy, please... don't..." Nina had begged.  "What do you want me to do, Nina? I can't help who I love," he'd responded, then followed Olivia into her room.

She was waiting in the bed, hoping to entice him.  Surprising himself, and her, he'd dropped to one knee and proposed.

She'd stayed up so late the night before, that she almost missed her bus.

The next morning, Nina had found Elmer in the kitchen and poked him, hard.  "You made your choice, Elmer. You showed me exactly who you care about - yourself!"

Phebe saw how upset Nina was & tried her best to cheer her up.  "Here comes the tickle monster," she giggled.

Olivia secretly bought maternity clothes & hoped she could convince Elmer to marry her before she started showing.  What a mess! she thought.

Olivia & Elmer married in secret. He was worried about what Nina would think.  It came not a minute too soon!

Phebe grew up well & was ready to tackle the music industry again. First she just needed a foot in...

She called up Henry & invited him over. He'd been her first love & she hoped that they could start something up again.

"I've moved on already, Phebe. I'm sorry, but I'm in love with Margaret," he'd told her.  "That was fast," she'd scoffed. "Loser!"

Phebe was walking to the kitchen when she heard Elmer & Olivia giggling & squealing behind closed doors.  She banged on the wall hard.  "Keep it quiet in here! You guys are GROSS!"  Phebe stomped her foot when all she heard was more giggling.

Nina tried not to take it out on her sister Caterina, but it was hard to accept the fact that her sister was also her step-mother.

Alessandra was fed up with Olivia. "Take your daughter, Olivia, you can't always pawn her off on someone else."  "Me?" Olivia had asked. "But I have to get ready for work!"

Elmer walked in and all the ladies looked at him.  "What'd I do now?" he asked.  Alessandra just handed him Caterina. "Take your baby."   Olivia just glared at Alessandra. Who was she to decide how she lived her life, Olivia fumed.

Phebe was very interested in Elmer's coworker.

Phebe had it with Elmer's childish behavior.  If he couldn't see that he was killing Nina, then he was an idiot. No, she knew he was an idiot, he married Olivia, the vapid!

Phebe picked herself up off the floor and told Olivia & Elmer to get out.  Olivia just flounced her hair and said they didn't want to stay in this old house anyways.  (I love how the guys in the room are lusting over Lindsay.)

She'd stormed out, taking Caterina & Elmer with her.

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