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Jan 18, 2011

Romanos - Round Three

"But Nonna, Mom is so lame. It's like she can't commit. I mean, she still wears her engagement ring from Edison!"

Happy Birthday Phebe!

"Alright! Alright! I just wanted to stay friends! We had a good thing!"

Isabella! What would your grandkids say!

Yes! *fist pump*  Gina Marie found a job as a dancer!

It's time for Salvatore to leave this world.

Isabella doesn't handle it well...

Alessandra flirts with Dexter.  He plays hot & cold with her.  One minute he likes to flirt, the next he doesn't want to play red hands with her.  Maybe he's saving himself for marriage...

Isabella can't seem to handle Sal's death.  She immediately rolled impossible wants after he died to fall in love, see a relative married, have a grandchild & get married herself.  Sorry, not in the storyline Nonna!

Elmer Tomyoy (could he be related to Ashley's husband Sheldon?) & Christopher Cwik get in a fight in Gina Marie's kitchen.  "Not in front of the kids!" Isabella gasped.  Poor Alessandra was stuck in her chair and spent the entire fight with her head buried in her hands.  Isabella lectured both of them & kicked them out afterwards.  No fighting in HER kitchen!

"Silence!" Death yelled.  "It is time for her to go."

Gina Marie realizes she is pregnant with Elmer's baby now.  At least her mom won't be able to lecture her this time.

"This party is lame..." Lindsay complained.

It's my party & I'll cry if I want to! (She really thought that Samuel the paperboy liked her, but when she went to kiss him, he pushed her away.) 

Phebe (Boggs) Romano grows up to be a child.  Do you think Edison knows he has a daughter?

"Why do you guys keep fighting? I said I was sorry already!"

"Hi! Wanna play cops and robbers?" Phebe asks Henry Banks.

"I said I don't want a hug, okay? Geez... Go call up Elmer!"

Welcome to our prosperity challenge Nina Romano!

All the Romano girls have fun playing in their room before school.  Poor Phebe has a chronic stink problem, even when she's fully clean.  Get the poor girl deodorant!

"But I got an A! Look! An A!!!"

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