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Jan 17, 2011

Romanos- Round Two

Gina Marie's mother brought home a man she met at the grocery store & insisted that they have lunch.  Gina Marie glared at her mother, but still had fun talking to him. 
Olivia & Alessandra are the cutest sisters.
The love to play together.  Olivia is a little competitive. She was really upset she lost at red hands to her younger sister.  "Too slow!" Alessandra called out.
Isabella washed the dishes as the family enjoyed her special blueberry pancakes.
Salvatore loved his grandbabies & couldn't help but secretly wish for more.

Gina Marie was finally able to get a hold of Edison & invited him over.  She could tell there was something wrong & decided that taking their relationship to the next level might help fix whatever was wrong.  But, Edison seemed unimpressed, but politely thanked her as he quickly dressed and started to leave.
"Wait!" Gina Marie called as she raced after him. "Why are you leaving?" But he was already gone by the time she got outside.
Gina Marie felt terrible all night long & resolved to put another failed relationship behind her. It was obvious that Edison wasn't serious about her.  It was time to focus on her kids.  She called up the headmaster & made sure to impress him.  Her little girls would have a leg up and attend Ms. Crumplebottom's Academy, the best private school in the area.
Gina realized it would be a little hard to put her relationship behind her when she found out she was pregnant.

"I told you this would happen with that no-good scoundrel," Isabella lectured.  "Mama, just stop. I don't need to hear it right now. I'm a grown woman."  Isabella walked muttering something about grown idiots.
Later that night Olivia became a teen.  She rolled romance & wants to be an athlete.
Olivia headed to her mom's make-up stash. She was tired of being the Plain Jane in the family.  It was time to be seen!
"Ew! Mom! You're going to clean that up, right?"  Being pregnant could be a pain sometimes.
Gina Marie still hadn't found a job and spent most of her day watching tv with her Mama.
The Romanos soon had cause to celebrate when they welcomed little Phebe into the world.
In an attempt to get over Edison, Gina Marie asked Christopher Cwik out on a date.  He was a nice diversion, but nothing long term. One of the only reasons he liked her was because she had no job & Gina Marie had only intended that to be a temporary situation.  (She was getting frustrated that no one was hiring dancers these days!)
But it felt nice to be wanted again.
Chris invited his friends over to hang out & to meet Gina Marie.  She was instantly attracted the handsome man with the dreds.  She'd intended to only ask him if he thought she was pretty, but somehow she wound up blurting out "Will you go out with me?"  Right in front of Chris! She felt horrible!
Chris slapped her, called her a name and then stormed out.  Gina Marie ran after him and profusely apologized.  She hadn't intended to hurt his feelings, it had just popped out.
Chris went back inside and Gina Marie got to know his friend better. 
The following day Alessandra became a teen while everyone was fussing over baby Phebe.  She rolled family & wants to... err... I don't know... do something with her life.
They threw a belated birthday party for Alessandra and Mary broke the toilet while Salvatore was in the room. Yeah, I know, what was he doing in there while she was using the toilet? He was cleaning the shower.  She did NOT like being lectured.  She had a lot of choice words for him.  Sal asked her to leave & never come back.

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