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Jan 31, 2011

Round Eight End Stats

Started with 56 Sims, added 8 Sims.  (Destiny Hsu was born to Phebe [Boggs/Romano] Hsu, Patrick & Julie in Owens (3) household, Everett Owens was born in Owens (4) household, Tanya, Monica & Reggie Pratt were born in Pratt (2) household,  & little DeeDee Turner was born in Turners (3) household.)

Some shifting in the households:  Lindsay Nichols divorced Marcus & moved in with Sheldon Tomyoy & Lance Tomyoy married Aaliyah Pratt.

Gracie moved out of the Owens household to start her own life in Owens (5).

Total Score:   80
64 Sims, 16 households, 3 aspiration failures, 2 social bunny visits.
Neighborhood $:  1,111,044  =11 points
2 households have held 3 generations (Banks & Romano/Hsu)
3 platinum graves
Top of Career=5 : Henry Banks, Seth Owens, Lindsay Owens (astronaut), Ashley (Banks) Tomyoy & Sheldon Tomyoy

Preston (Wealth, Dance) Deceased
Generation Two 
Henry Banks (Wealth, Criminal)
Margaret (Middleton) (Wealth, Athletic)
Generation Three
Preston - child

Edison (Pleasure, 50 Dream Dates) Deceased with 18 Dream Dates
JP (Knowledge, Max Skills)
Generation Two
Simon (Family, Raise 20 Pets)

Janene (Family, Marry 6 Children) Deceased
Marcus (Family, Education)
Generation Two
Lianna - teen (Romance, Culinary)
Quentin - child

Seth (Pleasure, Gamer) Deceased
Shanna (Bruenig) (Romance, Athletic)
Generation Two
Ian - (Knowledge, Architecture)

Salvatore (Family, 6 Grandchildren), Deceased
Isabella (Family, Raise 20 Pets), Deceased

Gina Marie (Wealth, Dance), Deceased
Generation Two
Phebe [Edison Boggs] (Romano) -  (Family, Marry 6 Kids)
Daniel Hsu (Family, Education)
Nina [Elmer Tomyoy] (Knowledge, Architecture)
Generation Three
Franklin Hsu - child
*Destiny Hsu - toddler

Maya (Nichols) (Pleasure, 50 Dream Dates)
Renaud Rossi (Popularity, Athletic)
Generation Two
Bryan - teen (Knowledge, Architecture)
Christopher -teen (Knowledge, Criminal)
Elise Rossi- child

Owens (2)
AJ (Wealth, Earn 100K)
Mary (Boggs) (Knowledge, Adventure)
Dave - teen (Popularity, Culinary)
Amelia - child

Owens (3) 
Carter (Knowledge, Journalism)
Lindsay (Macaravich) (Popularity, Athlete)
Generation Two
Hannah - teen (Popularity, Journalism)
*Patrick - baby
*Julie - baby

Naomi (Nichols) (Family, Raise 20 Pets)
Bruce Turner (Knowledge, Entertainment)
Generation Two
Michael Turner - teen (Popularity, Athletic)
JaNeeNee Turner - child

Ashley (Banks) (Romance, Culinary)  Deceased
Sheldon Tomyoy (Fortune, Earn 100k)
Lindsay (Maiden?) (Romance, 20 Lovers)
Generation Two
Lance (Family, Police)
Aaliyah (Romano) (Wealth, Earn 100K)
Stacy (Family, Golden Anniversary)

Owens (4)
Dexter (Family, Golden Anniversary)
Alessandra (Romano) (Education)
Generation Two
Kara -  child
*Everett - baby

Pratt (2)
Manuel - (Knowledge, Architecture)
Sheila (grocery delivery) - (Wealth, Law)
Generation Two
*Tanya - toddler
*Monica - toddler
*Reggie - baby

Tomyoy (2)
Elmer - (Popularity, 20 Best Friends)
Olivia (Romano) - (Romance, Athletic)
Generation Two
Caterina -teen (Romance, 20 Lovers)
Gage - toddler

Turner (2)
Lamar Turner - (Pleasure, 50 1st Dates)

Turner (3)
Taye Turner -  (Popularity, Journalism)
Carolina (Davison)- (Popularity, Police)
Generation Three
*DeeDee - toddler

*Owens (5)
Gracie - (Pleasure, 50 Dream Dates)


  1. Through round 8 already! I'm jealous! I'm just starting round 7 of a Prosperity I started on Christmas. Remind me not to attach any colleges to the next one I do, lol.

  2. I'm feeling your pain! The first few rounds went really quickly - now it takes forever to get all the way through! I'm glad I don't have the colleges because I've read that they can be a pain prosperity-style. :)


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